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Our comprehensive phonics program, ensures students progress in spelling, reading and writing, while developing their phonemic awareness.


Significant development is achieved here in Introductory phonics, as students begin the steps of reading through CVC. Upon completion, children will learn to read a mix of more than 200 words by developing the correct techniques of blending and phonemic awareness.


Building upon a strong foundation, students will be introduced to a variety of complex digraphs, endings and consonant clusters to expand their vocabulary and advance their reading. At this stage, writing and sentence construction may also be introduced, depending on the students' age.


Students focus on widening their phonics knowledge with various consonant digraphs, compound words as well as suffixes, while learning to decipher multi-syllable words for reading and writing.

Additionally, simple grammar rules are introduced to help with sentence construction and journal writing.


 Advanced phonics concepts are introduced in this final level. Students will have the skills to read complex words and understand inherent meanings with advanced suffixes. Classes will lean heavily into writing and increased comprehension and grammar skills.

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Phonics involves learning English through letter and sound association through two primary systems: synthetic and analytical phonics.

Here at The Learning Lab, we implement a hybrid system that combines elements from both methods to ensure we can adapt to the needs of students from native English-speaking families, those learning English as a second or third language, or children with limited exposure to English in their daily lives.

Whether your child has had some phonics experience or none at all, we highly recommend a 30 minute introductory assessment for our teachers to properly assess which level is right for your child, and also to give your child a friendly introduction to the new class setting and environment.  

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