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Pre Phonics

Our pre phonics adventure starts here for our youngest students, establishing a solid foundation in accurate phonetic sounds during a 12-week program. Engaging weekly sessions filled with songs, games, and activities create a fun and creative base for lifelong learning.

Pre Phonics | English Lessons for Children | Learning Lab Hong Kong
Phonics | English Lessons for Children | Learning Lab Hong Kong

Learn more about our comprehensive phonics program, which helps students develop reading, spelling and writing skills.  Our systematic approach is designed for students at any age and as early as 3 years old.

Grammar & Writing

Our Writing and Grammar classes are tailored to suit the grammar requirements for each corresponding level/grade. Through weekly assignments and writing exercises that reinforce required concepts, students enhance their grammar proficiency and foster the building blocks of good writing.  

Writing & Grammar | English Lessons for Children | Learning Lab Hong Kong
Creative Writing
Creative Writing | English Lessons for Children | Learning Lab Hong Kong

   Monthly themes of narrative, expository, non fiction, etc, ensure students have adequate time learning the core writing styles & more.  Our goal is to build independent writers that can begin to develop their own voices and communicate their ideas and thoughts through written prose.


An excellent opportunity to improve your child's English language abilities. Participate in reading stories, answering questions, recounting tales, and expressing personal opinions in these weekly gatherings. Students can explore various monthly themes to enhance their vocabulary, increase confidence, and ignite curiosity.

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Reading & Comprehenson

Our Comprehension and Reading Skills classes aim to assist students in grasping the content and vocabulary within the texts they read, helping them deduce meanings and improve understanding.

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