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Which Class Is Right For My Child?

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Welcome to

The Learning Lab


Our mission at The Learning Lab is to create an

unparalleled learning experience here in Hong Kong. 
We strive to create a learning environment of the highest caliber for students; spreading an ethos of cultural and environmental respect, diversity and advanced education.  We
seek to actively engage parents through a process of transparency and open communication, to work together to create smart, amazing human beings who will thrive and make positive contributions to the world.

We hope to welcome you to our Learning Lab Family.

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My son Ellis has been with The Learning Lab for more than  a year now, and I could say LL is definitely one of the best phonics centres in Hong Kong. .. within weeks of classes, he could blend confidently... The materials provided by LL are also very clear and effective. I could easily track what was being taught in class.  I am glad we have chosen LL for my son. 
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